Our climate controlled units keep your belongings away from Minnesota’s ever-changing weather. In the rain, snow, and shine, your belongings will always be kept at a moderate temperature to keep them in the same condition as when they were first stored, free of mold and mildew. Climate controlled storage is best for storing items of value as well as any items that are effected by extreme changes in temperature. We offer climate controlled storage units to help protect your sensitive equipment and belongings from extreme hot or cold temperatures that could otherwise cause cracking, splitting and aging.

Our climate-controlled units also provide a cleaner environment by filtering dust particles out of the air by being indoors. This will keep items more clean and fresh. Most importantly, our temperature-friendly facility helps to increase your personal comfort when moving your belongings in and out of storage or when visiting the facility. You may want a climate controlled unit if you have any: electronics (computers, TVs, etc), appliances (washers, dryers, etc.), food storage, musical instruments (such as pianos that may be sensitive to changes in wheather, especially humidity which may rust or rot wood), pharmaceutical products, paper products (books, files, important documents which may deteriorate due to high humidity) or furs.
Unit size is 4×7 and 5×8. We also have open floor space sized to meet your needs.

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